Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wig Fever Long Curly Wig

Ugh such a disaster! This wig doesn't really have a brand but the sellers name on ebay is wigfever. They are in China. I know you all are wary at this point because i mentioned China but bear with me this isn't why this wig was a disaster. I have ordered a lot of products from China and i have always received them. It may take longer than usual but this wig arrived before the estimated arrival date. Okay here we go. After owning Bree for a while i decided that bangs suited me and i wanted to get another wig with a bang...a curly one at that. So i hopped on ebay and found this wig. It was 17.99 when i purchased it but with the shipping it all came out to 29 dollars...i think. Received in less than two weeks. I had to trim up the bang a bit and i thought i could maintain it by not wearing it a lot....WRONG! It sheds and tangles A LOT! I only wore it out in public two times. Plus the scalp is very fake looking. It is while and i am not white and neither is my natural scalp. I just recently tossed this wig back in its original bang and threw to the back of my closet. Overall this was a waste of money but oh well i learned a lesson from it. The lesson is to stay away from loosely curled/wave synthetic wig and half wigs. They are very prone to tangling. From now on i will stick to straight hair like Bree or super curly hair like Amber. Those two types do not give me any problems.
Here are some pictures of it:

R.I.P nameless wig. You were pretty for awhile......

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