Friday, September 30, 2011

another try with the curling iron.

I have to admit this is the best i have done with a curling iron.

Edited to add: The hair i am wearing for my extensions is Janet Alco Remy Yaky. Very good hair, very little tangling and shedding. I have had it for i think a month now and i have washed it many times with no issues. Very costly, like 79.99 per pack for 14 inches but it is now my go-to hair for extensions. I am going to reuse and get another pack or an even fuller look.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Queen Bey's Curls.

Nicki Minaj's Make up

She may be a miss sometimes but i like some of her looks at times. She inspired me to go for the bangs and pink lipstick look. I get told i look like her when i have bangs plus pink lipstick :-) i take it as a compliment. Despite how crazy she looks sometimes, Nicki is a beautiful woman.

Lip colors

What became of my curls + braided headband

So last night i posted that i was going to curl my hair. Well i did that this afternoon before i went to class. It came out okay i guess. One side was flat looking. This curls dropped after my hair got wind fucked when i stepped outside. So at the end of the day this was my hairstyle. Side pony tail with a braided hair band i purchased from ebay two months ago. You can see the fallen curls in the pony tail lol

Invisible braids

I'm a fan of this hair brand on facebook and i saw that they posted these pictures. The name of the brand i can't remember but it is one of those brands that brandy endorsed...the protein hair. I think i am in love with this hairstyle, if i could find someone in my area who could do this it would be my winter hairstyle.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shoe collection (so far)

I am not worthy compared to most. Just an FYI i didn't became really "fashionable" until my last year of high school which was about 2-3 yrs ago. I am still learning and getting better. As you all can see i own a lot of converses (big fan. I only have 5 but i am counting). I purchase most of my  high heeled/ flats/boots/flip flop shoes from charlotte Russe, Wetseal and DEB.

White Patent Platform Pumps from Charlotte Russe

Ordered these pumps from I love my pumps and heels and i needed white colored heels to my shoe collection. I haven't worn the shoe out yet (no where to go) but i love them so far.

Here are the shoes on my feet.

My new boots

Last Wednesday after class i hopped on the bus and headed to the local mall to shop for fall/winter clothing. Well i barely bought any winter clothing because some of these clothing stores haven't gotten the memo that it is getting colder, so i have to do the winter shopping another time. I did order a cute little double breasted jacket off wetseal's website and i can't wait to wear it out. But back to the boots, i had no intentions of buying the boots. I have never owned a boot with a heel before but when i saw this while in wetseal i decided to pick it up. I think it is 30 something but don't quote me on that. Anyways i debuted them on campus yesterday and i received a lot of compliments from other females and i had a lot of men checking me out. The boots are very cute and sexy and i plan to order it in black from Wet seal's website. 

Kim Kardashian Curls

Love or hate her. You know her hair is always on point. Youtube is flooded with thousands of Kim K. Inspired curls look. I am thinking of curling my hair tonight like hers. It probably won't turn out like that but i am tired of wearing straight hair. I want some booming curls in this head.

Miss. Camille McDonald

I am totally rooting for her on this all-star cycle. I loved her on cycle 2. She was the diva bitch that everyone loved to hate but i just love her. I really don't know if those model dreams will happen for her though because she has to be in her mid 30's and modeling isn't a life long thing. I still love her though!

False eyelashes

I have decided to give false eyelashes a try...for the 8436486849x time. I tried to give them a try a few times before but it just never worked out. I have now figured out that i was applying it all wrong. I purchased a 10 pack of falsies from ebay 2 weeks ago and according to USPS tracking they are at my house (I am on campus). I also won a bid on another 10 pack on ebay and they haven't been shipped yet but they come with free glue. I also ordered some eyelash curlers. Apparently they help in the application. I just think mascara isn't giving me the look i want and i want bigger, sexier, lashes. I will let you all know how it goes....

Yet again another wig i am eyeing

ugh i am turning into such a wiggie! Can you blame me? wigs have come a long way since my mothers time. They are now more natural looking and not like wigs. I think dealing with wigs/half wigs will save me and my parents money in the long run. Getting braids and sew in's are so expensive around here. I was thinking about getting braids for the winter but that probably won't happen.

Anyways i have been eyeing Freetress's Lace Front Wig Ambition. At first when i saw it, i thought it looked strange on the model (they always do) but i saw a wig review on it on youtube and i like the wig, even the color. The girl reviewing it hates the color but i think it looks good on her. Now i wouldn't take the risk of getting the color, i stick to black. But when i get more money i will be ordering.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next wig i am eyeing

Freetress Estelle. I think it is gorgeous. It gives the whole sophisticated length. Perfect length too. I am currently watching youtube reviews and i must say i like what i see so far. It looks natural on the model (the hairline) but i will most likely leave out my natural edges. i will probably purchase sometime next month when i have more money. It is 31.99 on hairsisters.

My new purchase-FreeTress Equal Lace Front Wig – Scarlett

      So there is this lacefront wig that i have been eyeing for i would say three months now. It is from the Freetress shake and go line. Her name is Scarlett, i guess she is inspired by Scarlett Johansen (sp?). I have been looking at pictures and reviews on hairsisters and youtube reviews on the wig. On some people it looked a hot mess but some of the youtube guru's and reviewers on hairsisters convinced me. Most of the people who looked a mess didn't leave out their edges to make the hairline look natural. The thing i hate about lacefronts is the fake looking hairlines but i have learned from many youtube guru's that i can pull out a bit of my own hairline to make it look natural. It also has an inch part and it is futura just like my bree wig.
    This is actually the second lacefront i own now because bree is considered a lacefront. Anyways i have a sew in right now so i cannot wear it so Scarlett will join Amber, Naomi, Bree and HZ 7049 in my closet. I think Scarlett will be my date/going out hair. It seems too much for a regular ol' day plus i want to make it last. Remember the key to making your synthetic hair wigs last is to not wear them everyday, alternate your wigs. I learned my lesson with my first purchase of Outre's Naomi.

Anyways i purchased this wig on ebay. The sellers name is hair2wigs. I am starting to notice a lot of sellers on ebay selling hair. It was 29.99 with like 5.88 shipping. I would suggest shopping around the hair websites before making a purchase. I know this wig is 49.99 on hairsisters but on divatress it is 29.99.  As usual i got a 1B, i am still afraid of color lol But i will be back with a review in a couple of months.