Monday, November 21, 2011

Orders for this week (updated)

So i know i posted i was going to get  three different dresses but i changed my mind and got a new purse, a pair of white skinny jeans and a dress. All totaling $41.87. The skinny jeans will probably arrive at the end of this week since the seller is in the U.S. The other things are coming from China so they will be here by the 14th of next month which is when i will be going home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Putting in a new order this week(updated)

Black Body Con skirt $6.99 each.

Dress $9.99 originally $19.99

Wig Spray $1.99 w/ $4.40 shipping

I probably won't get them till mid December since they are coming from China but oh well i am willing to wait.

Update: I had to make some changes and order different things because right before i was about to check out i found out some items i put in my cart were out of stock because someone beat me to it. Oh well.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Ebay Purchases

I ordered three beanie hats each 4.99 with free shipping and a yellow eye shadow. I am assuming this is a MAC knockoff but oh well i saw this eyeshadow during a make up tutorial and i just had to have it knock off or not. I really don't care about the brand, i just want a bright yellow eyeshadow. The seller of the beanie hats is topzone999 and for the eyeshadow is visa2012. All my packages should be at my home next week when i go home for thanksgiving break :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I knew i said i wasn't going to purchase another wig

But i will next week! I know i said i was going to get the jealousy lace wig but i have changed my mind because i saw a real honest review on how awful it was. Well just a few minutes ago i was browsing hairsisters and came across this Freetress wig called Dream Girl. I tried to find reviews on youtube and just in general and i got nothing so i guess i will be the first and be the guinea pig. What i like about this wig is that it is futura so it shouldn't be so bad if i don't make it an everyday wig. I am hoping it has a skin part at the top but it should. I will probably experiment with color and get it in a 1B/30.....maybe.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freetress scarlett Straightened/worn as a half wig

By now you all know what scarlett looks like in it's original state. Loose curls yadaah yadaah yadaah. Well it looked horrible in its natural state so i straightened the wig and i am now wearing it as a half wig instead of a lacefront. Overall i will say i will not repurchase this wig. It sheds/tangles a lot in its natural state. The wig construction is can see tracks at the top. Not enough parting space. The only good thing about it is that it is futura which means it can be straightened and stuff. The shedding and tangling seems to have minimized after i straightened it. It is pretty long, like mid back length. I actually trimmed it down. Hair down to my butt is not realistic on me.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Planning a new video for youtube

I just took a break from studying for a biology test which is coming up on Thursday to make a script for a new youtube video i am  going to make in a couple of weeks. I know youtube is probably over-saturated with tips on how to manage your wigs but i want to make a video with my own tips. I am now writing out some tips in my notebook, most of my youtube videos are not planned so i tend to look confused and my thoughts are so unorganized so i am actually planning out what i am going to say.

The new video will be coming in two weeks when i go home for thanksgiving break.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wig maintenance day/other wig updates

So i came home this weekend because i haven't been home since fall break which was about 3-4 weeks away. I was itching to come home because i wanted to get my other wigs and bring it back with me. Well first off, remember Scarlett?

Well you guys won't be getting a review on her really....well at least not in her natural state. I couldn't figure out how to make her look good so since it is a futura wig meaning it is a synthetic wig that can handle some heat i straightened her and i am now going to wear her as a half wig instead of a lacefront. Lacefront wise it looks ugly and fake because the part is only like a just looks strange. I pride myself on making my wigs look realistic to the human eye so i can't be walking around with an obvious looking wig. Anyways, I have been looking for a straight-ish half wig for a while and i guess i just made myself one now lol.

Anyways i gave HZ7065 a wash today because she was starting to lose her bounce. I also trimmed up that wig i got from wigfever months back which was a disaster and gave her a wash as well.

The number of wigs i own now stands at 8. I will be purchasing Jealousy next week. She is futura as well so if she doesn't work out i will turn her straight lol I think hz 7065 is futura as well. Not sure, on hairsisters it says so. If she goes bad she is turning straight too.