Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Makeup Storage Case

As my make up collection grows, i needed to find something bigger and better to store my goods in so i went on a hunt on ebay and came across this seller who was selling cute make up train cases. I wanted the pink zebra print case but it was unavailable so i settled for a pink one. I should be receiving it by mid next week :-) It was 29.95.

Link to product:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember gala?

The hair purchase i made about lets stay 5 months ago?
Let me joggle your mind with a picture...

Well i just repurchased another one.  I must say it had a long run but the ends are starting to get ratty and the nape gets tangled a lot. Usually most synths wear out within a week or two but with the way i took care of this one it lasted for months. As i always said, alternating is always the best option.
Overall i give this one a two thumbs up and i will continue to repurchase.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Orders

Last week one of my uncles sent me money to do some shopping for myself. I decided to finally try out. Originally i wanted to order another pack of the Janet Collection Alco remy hair that i previously used for my extensions last semester. I discovered I could purchase three packs of hair from a seller on for a price i would pay for once pack of the Janet collection hair.

I have heard many bad things about aliexpress but i think it is like ebay, you just have to be careful, read the sellers review before making the purchase. I ordered some hair because i want to get extensions and i also ordered some gel eyeliner because i want to do the whole cat eye make up. I think it would look wonderful on me because i have almond eyes.

Like most of the stuff I have ordered on ebay, the sellers are in China so it will take maybe about 3 weeks for me to get my order. I actually don't mind especially with the hair because i am stretching out my relaxer (like i always do) and I want to wait even longer before i get a touch up.

Here are the purchases i made:

Retail Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions Weft Weave 16 inches/3 packs $97.89 Link

Waterproof eyeliner gel w/brush Fluidline Make-up eyeliner ( I am actually getting 4 of these because it is in a lot). $11.57 Link

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi, Addis ababa and Monte Carlo

I ordered this on ebay Mid Last week and they arrived within two days. I have been eyeing this product for awhile and decided to take the plunge and buy it. So far i love it. It is not a gloss or a lipstick. It is more like something in between. It doesn't feel sticky, but i must say put on some lip balm before you put it on because it does dry out and if your lips are dry, the gloss will emphasize that. It also lasts for a long time. Also if you haven't noticed the shades are named after major cities in the world :-)

The three colors I purchased;
Abu Dhabi: Nude color.
Addis Ababa- Hot pink
Monte Carlo-Dark red color

I have a picture of me with Monte Carlo on. I will update with the rest another time.

Addis Ababa

My verdict: Get it. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational in Copper Charm

Last week my parents and I went to CVS to take pictures for our U.S citizenship stuff. While they were processing the pictures i decided to browse the make up section and i found the perfect nude lipstick. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Copper Charm. It is perfect for us brown girls. Doesn't have a nasty taste or smell to it and it doesn't go on dry like other lipsticks. I give it two thumbs up.

Here are two pictures of me with it applied:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Foundations I Own

From left to right:
Revlon Color Stay
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse
Maybelline Super Stay foundation
Revlon Photoready
Maybelline Dream Foam Nude mousse
Maybelline Matte Mousse
Maybelline Matte Powder
Iman Powder

As you can see i love me some Maybelline.

Okay Opinions.

Really love:
Maybelline Matte Mousse-My go to foundation most of the time, great coverage and perfect for combo/oily complexions.
Maybelline Liquid Mousse-flawless coverage
Of course i love the two powders but my favorite out of the two is the maybelline one.

Just Okay
Maybelline 24 hr- I guess it is just okay.
Revlon color stay-Just okay
These are the ones i pull out once every blue moon.

Don't really like
Revlon photoready-It is not so much the foundation, it is that i picked the wrong color. False advertising because the color shown through the glass is not the color that comes out of the pump.
Maybelline Nude foam mousse- This is my new purchase, it is okay. Really sheer, doesn't give much coverage. I mean if you have flawless skin and just want sheer coverage get it. Not really good for oily complexions either.