Sunday, December 25, 2011

End of Semester Updates

So i just wanted to tell you guys that last week i completed the fall semester of my Junior year in University. The new semester begins on January 23rd so that means i basically have a month to relax which is great. 3 more semesters to go before i get that bachelors degree baby. I am looking forward that final semester when i student teach.

Anyways this was a great semester. I made straight A's in 4 of my classes and a C+ in one but i am not stressing about it because it is biology...yuck not my major plus that C+ didn't pull me back from getting on the dean's list plus now my GPA is a 3.44 =] I hope by the time of graduation i will exceed beyond that and graduate with special honors.

Christmas Party make up

I don't celebrate but my parents friends invited us over their house to celebrate. Anyways as i have stated previously i am not a pro but i think i do an okay job with my make up. My mom's friend even complimented me and told me i needed to teach her daughter how to do make up lol Anyways here are the pics. Basic gold eyeshadow from the coastal scents palette with pink lips.

Took advantage of Bill me Later

So there is this new feature that can be used in most online stores called "Bill me Later" where you can buy something and opt to pay for it later. Well ebay kept sending me emails about this feature and giving me 6 months to pay so i decided to take advantage of it. I spent 52 dollars on a pair of thigh high boots and a dress. This is probably the only time i will use this feature because i know i will probably get too addicted and go overboard =]

Anyways here are the two things i ordered

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I recently got accepted for membership and it is so addicting and fun. If you have one follow me

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Pink Fuschia Pumps

I just recently ordered these shoes on ebay. It was $14.36 plus free shipping! I usually like my heels a little bit higher but i couldn't pass these shoes up plus i need some pink shoes. It is estimated to arrive at my door step by the end of this week. Next up i want to order some thigh-high boots.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gave Bree a bath today

Remember Bree? Well today i decided to wash her. I haven't washed her since i purchased her which was in late May of this year. Yeah i know gross but it didn't smell bad at all i just wanted to give it a wash. As usual i filled my tiny blue bucket with water added a little shampoo and swished the wig around the soapy water for about a minute. Then i emptied the bucket, filled it with clean water, swished the wig around to remove the soapy-ness. Afterwards i shook the wig to remove any water then i hanged it up to dry. It is about 95% dry right now. An update on the hair. It is still standing strong! And i must say it looks way better after i washed it. Prior to washing it had a bit of fake shine...maybe it is because i purchased it in the color 1 but either way after the wash it looks more natural. The ends feel a teeny bit rough but it isn't bad at all. Since the hair is futura i can probably run a flat iron over it and it will be back to good =]