Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gave Bree a bath today

Remember Bree? Well today i decided to wash her. I haven't washed her since i purchased her which was in late May of this year. Yeah i know gross but it didn't smell bad at all i just wanted to give it a wash. As usual i filled my tiny blue bucket with water added a little shampoo and swished the wig around the soapy water for about a minute. Then i emptied the bucket, filled it with clean water, swished the wig around to remove the soapy-ness. Afterwards i shook the wig to remove any water then i hanged it up to dry. It is about 95% dry right now. An update on the hair. It is still standing strong! And i must say it looks way better after i washed it. Prior to washing it had a bit of fake shine...maybe it is because i purchased it in the color 1 but either way after the wash it looks more natural. The ends feel a teeny bit rough but it isn't bad at all. Since the hair is futura i can probably run a flat iron over it and it will be back to good =]

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