Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Orders

Last week one of my uncles sent me money to do some shopping for myself. I decided to finally try out. Originally i wanted to order another pack of the Janet Collection Alco remy hair that i previously used for my extensions last semester. I discovered I could purchase three packs of hair from a seller on for a price i would pay for once pack of the Janet collection hair.

I have heard many bad things about aliexpress but i think it is like ebay, you just have to be careful, read the sellers review before making the purchase. I ordered some hair because i want to get extensions and i also ordered some gel eyeliner because i want to do the whole cat eye make up. I think it would look wonderful on me because i have almond eyes.

Like most of the stuff I have ordered on ebay, the sellers are in China so it will take maybe about 3 weeks for me to get my order. I actually don't mind especially with the hair because i am stretching out my relaxer (like i always do) and I want to wait even longer before i get a touch up.

Here are the purchases i made:

Retail Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions Weft Weave 16 inches/3 packs $97.89 Link

Waterproof eyeliner gel w/brush Fluidline Make-up eyeliner ( I am actually getting 4 of these because it is in a lot). $11.57 Link

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