Friday, November 4, 2011

Wig maintenance day/other wig updates

So i came home this weekend because i haven't been home since fall break which was about 3-4 weeks away. I was itching to come home because i wanted to get my other wigs and bring it back with me. Well first off, remember Scarlett?

Well you guys won't be getting a review on her really....well at least not in her natural state. I couldn't figure out how to make her look good so since it is a futura wig meaning it is a synthetic wig that can handle some heat i straightened her and i am now going to wear her as a half wig instead of a lacefront. Lacefront wise it looks ugly and fake because the part is only like a just looks strange. I pride myself on making my wigs look realistic to the human eye so i can't be walking around with an obvious looking wig. Anyways, I have been looking for a straight-ish half wig for a while and i guess i just made myself one now lol.

Anyways i gave HZ7065 a wash today because she was starting to lose her bounce. I also trimmed up that wig i got from wigfever months back which was a disaster and gave her a wash as well.

The number of wigs i own now stands at 8. I will be purchasing Jealousy next week. She is futura as well so if she doesn't work out i will turn her straight lol I think hz 7065 is futura as well. Not sure, on hairsisters it says so. If she goes bad she is turning straight too.

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