Sunday, September 18, 2011

My new purchase-FreeTress Equal Lace Front Wig – Scarlett

      So there is this lacefront wig that i have been eyeing for i would say three months now. It is from the Freetress shake and go line. Her name is Scarlett, i guess she is inspired by Scarlett Johansen (sp?). I have been looking at pictures and reviews on hairsisters and youtube reviews on the wig. On some people it looked a hot mess but some of the youtube guru's and reviewers on hairsisters convinced me. Most of the people who looked a mess didn't leave out their edges to make the hairline look natural. The thing i hate about lacefronts is the fake looking hairlines but i have learned from many youtube guru's that i can pull out a bit of my own hairline to make it look natural. It also has an inch part and it is futura just like my bree wig.
    This is actually the second lacefront i own now because bree is considered a lacefront. Anyways i have a sew in right now so i cannot wear it so Scarlett will join Amber, Naomi, Bree and HZ 7049 in my closet. I think Scarlett will be my date/going out hair. It seems too much for a regular ol' day plus i want to make it last. Remember the key to making your synthetic hair wigs last is to not wear them everyday, alternate your wigs. I learned my lesson with my first purchase of Outre's Naomi.

Anyways i purchased this wig on ebay. The sellers name is hair2wigs. I am starting to notice a lot of sellers on ebay selling hair. It was 29.99 with like 5.88 shipping. I would suggest shopping around the hair websites before making a purchase. I know this wig is 49.99 on hairsisters but on divatress it is 29.99.  As usual i got a 1B, i am still afraid of color lol But i will be back with a review in a couple of months.

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