Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outre Naomi

I purchased this one from hairsisters and it was 17.99. It was one of my first half wig purchases along with Amber. Out of the pack it looks thin, no body and when i tried it on it was way too long so i chopped a couple of inches off. I think most of these wigs never look right out of the pack so you really have to play with it. I brushed/combed out Naomi to get more body. The hair sheds and tangles a bit. It is very pretty though, loose waves/curls. Blending wasn't much of a problem. It lasted only a few weeks though but that is probably because it became my everyday hair and synthetic hair doesn't last too long if you wear it everyday. I learned this with my Sensationnel bree wig which is still going strong after 3 months. I tossed my first Naomi away because it got frizzy and tangled, but i bought another one which i probably i won't wear for awhile because i plan to get a sew in which i will be keeping for 3 months. Also forgot to mention i purchased this and all my other wigs in the color 1B with the exception of Bree which is a 1.
Here are some pictures of the hair on me:

haven't done a youtube review yet, but that should be coming up in a couple of months.

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