Saturday, August 20, 2011

HZ 7049 half wig by Sensationnel

Here is a picture of me with the HZ7049 half wig by sensationnel

I have had this wig for i would say 3 months now. Didn't really wear it or any of my straigh-ish loose curled half wigs because i was stretching my relaxers for 5 months and new growth + silky hair=No Bueno. Anyways i purchased this hair from I trimmed it down a bit because it was too long and i feel like it wouldn't look realistic on me. Shedding and tangling is minimal. If you look up a picture of the half wig you will see that the model does the hair no justice. You have to comb the hair out with a wig brush to get the curls i have because out the pack the hair is thin looking. I would compare this wig to Outre's Naomi except Naomi is thicker and has more body. As always i do not wear my synthetic wigs daily and i alternate to maintain the wigs so i can't tell you how the piece holds up over daily use but i would imagine if you wore it daily it wouldn't last. It would probably tangle, become frizzy at the ends and you would have to end up throwing it away. I guess if you want a half wig piece that lasts for a long time you would have to invest in  human hair piece. I will be making a video in upcoming months. As i said in a previous blog post i am going to spending the fall month in extensions. Overall i love this wig but i don't think i will purchase it again after this piece goes bad. I think Outre's Naomi is better.

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