Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outre Amber

Okay this was one of my first ever half wig purchases along with Naomi. I haven't done a youtube review on it yet but i will make sure i edit this post and add the video, if i do. First of all i love this half wig. Blending was a bit of a problem at first, i was always using the curling iron but now i have it all figured out. I use soft rollers to blend the front of my hair. I still have this wig, i fingercombed and brushed it out to make it bigger. I actually think it looks better "big" on me because i LOVE big hair. I give this wig 2 thumbs up. I purchased it from apexhairs and i hope they never discontinue it. I plan to make a video when i make another purchase.
Here are some pictures of me with the hair:
straight out of the box/pre finger combing

Finger combed/brushed out

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