Saturday, October 8, 2011

What i think about Scarlett Lace front so far

Okay, so i got impatient and opened up the scarlett package even though i know i can't wear it until i take out these extensions.  So i took it out, cut the lace and brushed out the curls a bit because it looked thin. Let's just say this hair sheds A LOT. I did wrap up my hair and put on a wig cap and it looked strange probably because my hair was bulky underneath but it is a good wig if you can ignore all the shedding. It probably will tangle. I hope to get a few wears out of it. I am also going to trim it up a bit because it is too long on me.

I haven't worn the wig out yet since i have extensions but since it sheds a lot straight out of the pack i think things will will get worse (much much worse). I probably won't re-purchase. I am focusing on saving up to get one of those lace wigs from ebay i blogged about earlier. They are probably better quality.

Also i will probably make a video giving my honest review on it. I have only seen one or two youtube beauty guru's who were honest about the shedding and tangling.

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