Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sensationnel 7065 half wig

How do i feel about this wig? I am neutral right now. I think i may have finger combed it out a bit too much. Out the pack it is pretty thin and fake looking so you do have to finger comb it out a bit. I do love big hair so i can get used to it. I prefer Gala but i can't wear Gala everyday. Blending was a bit of a problem, i know you all can't see it but i think it would be a match for someone with natural hair. I should have brought my crimper up with me for blending purposes but right now i will settle for a braid out in the front. 

It will be my everyday hair pretty much. With the specifics, this is the second Sensationnel half wig i own. It has a comb in the front and back plus adjustable straps. It fits pretty well, i can't imagine it falling off even on the windiest days. FYI i wore outre's Amber and Naomi on windy winter mornings and i have never had them fall off so this should be fine. This wig does require some big ol' earrings to make it look even more fab =]

i will be making a video when i find a proper way to blend.

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