Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 Pairs of Black False eyelashes plus free glue

I won this on ebay ladies and gentlemen. The first ever bid i have ever won on ebay and i have been on ebay for pretty much a year. I guess i didn't have much competition. I was impressed by how fast i received this item considering that these sellers in China can take almost a month to get me my package. I payed $4.15 cents for them and the shipping was free. It also came with free glue, it probably won't last but i will purchase some at walmart sometime. At first i was a bit scared of the lashes considering that i have had trouble applying false eyelashes plus the lashes looked so big and unnatural in the package. I didn't want spider lashes. But i actually watched the "How to apply fake eyelashes" video i posted in a previous entry and gave them a try today and i think i did a good. I need more practice but it looks well and not like spider lashes. It is amazing what some fake lashes can do to the face. I think i will be kissing mascara good bye. 

I also ordered another 10 pair from another seller but i think i prefer the others. Anyways this is what they look like.


  1. it does actually look good...suits your face...doesnt look too fake in the pictures...nice!!!