Monday, October 3, 2011

Noor Kajal Kohl Arabian Eyeliner Makeup Natural Herbal

I was looking for an eyeliner that would give me that dark, sexy, intense look and a lot of these regular eye pencils weren't cutting it for me. So three days ago on ebay i typed kohl into the search and this came up in the results.  I saved it under my "Watch list." because i wasn't sure if i wanted to make the purchase but i actually made the purchase today. I don't really have a review for you all because i just ordered it 2 minutes ago lol but i read a wikipedia article on kohl eyeliner and it hit me that kohl eyeliner is very popular in my tribe/ethnic group. When i was a baby my grandmother used to put it around my eyes. I am a Dagomba girl and a lot of our traditions are pretty close to the Hausas..a very popular ethnic group in Western Africa. My paternal grandmother was a Hausa woman. Anyways i can't wait to receive it.

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