Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Belly Ring from Ebay seller in China

Okay, last year around this time i finally decided to get my navel pierced. It was extremely cute and seemed to be going well/healing well until the 5th month when i developed some bump that just couldn't go away on the bottom hole. 2 months later i developed another bump on the top hole so i ended up taking it out. I took it out in June but prior to that i ordered a belly ring (the pink one pictured at the top) and after it arrived and i saw it, i just thought "This is so cute!" i want to get my belly button redone so i can wear it." I do plan on getting it redone. I took some pictures holding the ring against my tummy.It was actually very cheap on ebay. Like a dollar something with a dollar shipping. Of course since it was being shipped all the way from China it took about 3 weeks. Here is a link:

Pictures of ring held against my tummy:

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  1. i see you love shopping via the internet as much as i do so i would check out is wholesale and everything is dirt cheap! it takes a minute to get your orders b-cuz it's coming from China and surrounding areas! i have recieved lashes, earrings, and so on in bulk! good luck!