Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tired of constantly blotting? Makeup not there at the end of the day? Remedies for Controlling Oily/Combo Skin under makeup

Products from left to right: Neutrogena Shine Control Powder ($11.97 at, Equate Brand Milk of Magnesia ($3.57 at and Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel ($5.98 at

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets $9.94 at

Every girl with oily/combo skin can relate to what I am about to say. In the morning before you head out to class/work/wherever, you beat your face (slang for applying your makeup very well, for those of you who don't know) to perfection and walk out your house feeling mighty good about how great your makeup looks. But one hour in, your skin is already oily and by the end of the day, it is like you never applied makeup to begin with. The woes of having oily/combo skin.
Like most of you reading this, I have oily/combination skin. Every part of my face is normal besides my T-Zone area (nose, above my eyebrows, chin) and sometimes my cheeks. I've tried everything, from blotting sheets, to clay masks, toners that claim to control oily skin, foundations/powers that claim to be for oily/combo skin, primers that claim to control oily skin, you name it. And you know what? None of them  worked. 
For many years, I had heard about Milk of Magnesia and Monistat chafing gel being used to control oily skin under makeup but I had never thought to give it a try until this month. 
My verdict on this? 2 thumbs up, however you just can't rely on the milk of magnesia and monistat chafing gel. 
  1. After washing my face, and applying toner, I shake the bottle of milk of magnesia and then open it and dip my finger in the cap and rub the product on my face (especially on the most oiliest parts). Make sure you rub it in well. If it dries white, don't worry. Your foundation will cover it up.
  2. I let it dry, then I apply my moisturizer and let that dry.
  3. After that, I apply a tiny bit of the chafing gel to my face as a primer.
  4. Proceed to apply my makeup, etc, etc
Afterwards my face is good for the day, but sometime in the day I blot with half a  clean and clear sheet once. And then apply the Neutrogena powder. As I have noticed, I am not as oily as I use to be with this regimen, and it takes a while for the oil to come but it is not as excessive. Overall, I am happy with this regimen, and I hope it never fails me.

All these products were purchased at Walmart, but you can find them at just about any drugstore :-) In regards to the Milk of Magnesia, you can use just about any brand. Just be sure that you aren't using the flavored kind. I heard that isn't too good.

UPDATED: Skip the Monistat chaffing gel. I've found that just using the milk of magnesia on its own as a primer is more effective.

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