Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids: Swatches & Reviews (on darker skin)

Shades on the swatches (from Left to right): Brazen Berry, Hot Plum, Vibrant Mandarin & Fuchsia Flash.

As you can see, I do not have all the shades and do not plan on purchasing the others but these are the four shades that I have purchased and are apart of my collection. Previously, I had two color sensational lipsticks from the non-vivids line, and I love them. When I saw that maybelline had released a new line with more vibrant colors, I decided that I needed to try this. For a long time, I have been looking for lipsticks that pop. Overall, I love these lipsticks. Very soft, it has a strong smell but I don't mind it. Pretty much, if you own every other lipsticks from the color sensational line, they all smell the same. The packaging color is all the same. Which is a bit disappointing, because I wish they were different colors so that I can tell which shade is which instead of taking of the cap or looking at the bottom (yeah I am lazy lol).

Overall: I found only two out of the four shades I own to be Vivid and that was Vibrant Mandarin and Fuchsia Flash. The other two (Brazen Berry & Hot plum) are pretty much a dark-ish pink on me and sometimes I had a hard time differentiating which shade I had applied on me. 

Here are my  reviews (and with pictures, if I have them pictured)

  • Brazen Berry: As you can see, in the swatches it looks like a dark purple but on my lips it is more like a dark pink. 
  • Hot Plum: This is more like a  pink too on me.

  • Vibrant Mandarin: Vibrant alright! This is a very bright orange! I was a bit scared when I put it on. I haven't worn it out in public yet because I am still trying to figure out what eye looks I can pair it up with.
  • Fuchsia Flash: Now this one scared me initially too because of how bright it was, but I have come to love it. Haven't worn it out either but here is it pictured.

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