Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Extensions from AliExpress (Reviews)+ UPDATE

(Three bundles on the left are "Brazilian" hair and the four bundles on the right are "Indian" hair)
I put the quotations underneath the nationalities because I am pretty sure they aren't authentic Brazilian or Indian more so towards the Brazilian hair. I don't really care as long as the hair doesn't shed and tangle up a lot on me). As the title indicated I ordered all from Aliexpress.

"Brazilian" Bundles 16 inches 1B
This was my first order on Aliexpress back in March. It was from a seller called Caideng hair ( I bought three bundles but I would have been fine with two because there is a lot of hair in one bundle. Got it in 16 inches, it all came out to 90 something dollars. Took me a few weeks to receive the hair. Initial thoughts when I received the hair? Excessive shedding. I was disappointed. Also originally this hair was a body wave (as you can see on the link provided) but after I washed it, it dropped to some weird wave. So i decided to wash it, do an acid vinegar rinse on it and then straighten it. The shedding has stopped initially but before I install it in the coming weeks I will be sealing the wefts with fray check to insure that the shedding won't be an horrible. There is nothing I hate more than shedding extensions, I have already been there with crappy ass beauty supply store hair Milk way. Also the hair had a smell to it but it wasn't bad and there were a lot of strings and odd colored hair colors within the wefts.  Overall I don't suggest you buy from this seller, I looked at their reviews and people complain of excessive shedding. Also funny enough the seller has jacked up the prices on this hair and is trying to pass it off as virgin hair. Stay clear! High quality my ass.

"Indian Bundles" 18 inches Color 1B
This was purchased more recently ( from a seller called Guangzhou Hot Beauty Hair Products. I purchased it in 18 inches and it arrived within 3 days because it was actually on sale 40-50% off I believe. So I paid $50.40 for 4 bundles of hair which is now $90.40. When I first received the hair I was a bit shocked by how little was in each bundle. I have to open it to see that the four bundles would be enough. I think the four bundles is honestly an equivelent of two bundles/packs of the above mentioned Brazilian hair. It also has a bit of a smell to it but it isn't bad. The wefts are very strong and sturdy and when I ran my hair through the hair many times there was hardly any shedding which is a good sign. The hair is also very soft and there is no tangling. Overall I am very happy with this hair and though I won't be installing it till maybe the spring I will probably repurchase again from this seller.

**To end this is probably the first reviews out there of these two hair companies on aliexpress. I wouldn't go by what most people on the review sections on the site say because the website basically forces you to leave a review after they see that the item was delivered. Most of the reviews are basically on how fast the seller shipped/initial thoughts. You never really have an idea of how the hair behaves until you install it and have it for lets say a week or two and by then aliexpress doesn't give you the option to go back in and change your review.
      I will be making youtube videos or just writing reviews on here about these bundles after I install and have them after a week or two. Honestly the crappiest Beauty supply store hair can be on its best behavior after a day or two. I know, I use to wear milky way hair which was okay for a week then afterwards came the shedding, tangling and matting. I say do your research heavily before purchasing hair from aliexpress. Sometimes you don't find any and have to take a gamble.

So this update is on the Indian bundles (still haven't used the Brazilian). I wouldn't repurchase honestly. After installation it shed a lot and also tangles quite a bit. I went back and read reviews far back and realized why it was being sold for 50 dollars. According to the Vendor's reply to someone who had bad reviews, the hair was dipped in acid and was the bad bundles....figures. So once again I am back to trying to find another hair vendor who has decent hair. All I ask is for hair that doesn't shed, matte, and tangle excessively. I am thinking of being more bold and trying longer lenghths (max 22 inches). I have been playing it safe with the 14's and 16's.

Anyways here are some pictures from when I had the installation.

Texture after it was washed and air-dried:


Curly and wavy:


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