Thursday, August 2, 2012

Face + Hair of yesterday (+Maybelline BB cream review) UPDATE

The lipstick is by Wet n Wild it is called Vamp it up. It is a deep dark purple, which is what I have been looking for. My lips look so chapped here ha ha but it's okay. The lipstick is pretty nice, it is very long lasting. As always make sure your lips are moisturized before applying any lipstick. Mine weren't moisturized which is why it looks chapped in the above picture.

(Note: These aren't my pictures of the products. Took them from google images)

I used Maybelline BB cream in Deep on my face. It is nice I guess but I most likely won't repurchase it again. I was upset that the tube was so little but I am kind of glad now so that I can run out quick enough. I wouldn't suggest it for us ladies (or gents) with oily/combo skin. More for those with dryer skin because you will be shiny in a couple of hours. Also you have probably read this a million times before but this is not a true BB cream. It is watery and basically a tinted moisturizer. I actually own a Korean BB cream which I wear underneath my foundation because it is too light (but it controls oil and correct problems on my skin) and there is a huge difference! Not much coverage here either so I have to go back in with some concealer to correct the problem spots. If you have perfect skin and just want light coverage then go for it.

So Update on  this BB cream per my update review: 
Would I repurchase? Probably not. I have been using this BB cream to just finish it up because I do not want to feel like I wasted my money. I had run out of my beloved revlon colorstay foundation and decided to go back to this for awhile. In short, I hate the smell of it (it smells like spit), and it makes my skin really greasy within an hour. I have to blot multiple times during the day. If you have oily/combo skin, definitely stay away. It will make you way oilier than you usually are. I am so done with these BB creams. 

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